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Rehabilitation WOODWORKS for physical therapy offers a wide variety of therapeutic tools and equipment, which are shown throughout this web site. However, we also understand that all patients are very unique and may require unique therapeutic and tools and medical epuipments to help them achieve their goals.

Tic tac toe tool was designed to improve fine motor coordination as well as planning, concentration and problem solving skills. Your client’s first challenge will be to assemble the tic tac toe unit using the step by step instructions included. The next challenge is to compete with an opponent in three dimensions!


Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Equipment is dedicated to providing healthcare providers with an alternative to the high cost of rehabilitation equipment. To this end, REHABilitation WOODWORKS is absolutely committed to building the highest quality rehabilitation tools at the lowest possible price. Every rehabilitation product made at Physical therapy WOODWORKS is handcrafted from solid, hard wood, not plywood or molded plastics. Each product is assembled using only the strongest joinery techniques, such as dovetails and box joints. Every product was designed to be light weight yet strong and durable, portable, functional, and cost-effective.

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