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Besides other health caring products for physical therapy and rehabilitation, we producse knee board which is an excellent tool for knee recovery.This is an excellent tool to use for knee flexion/extension exercises while patient is supine, especially in an acute care setting after knee surgery. It is made of solid hard wood, yet is light and portable making it ideal for the traveling therapist or carrying to different patient’s rooms in a hospital setting. Measures 24 inches long by 16 inches wide. Knee board helps recovering people wit hknee injury or weak knees. You can make your patients knee flexible at bending or moving by using this knee board. This knee board for knee therapy is best for knee exercising and improving knee flexibility. Our wooden knee board is made up of best hardwood and not of ply or molded palstic. So this can be used safely and is also durable product for knee exercising.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Equipment is dedicated to providing healthcare providers with an alternative to the high cost of rehabilitation equipment. To this end, REHABilitation WOODWORKS is absolutely committed to building the highest quality rehabilitation tools at the lowest possible price. Each product is assembled using only the strongest joinery techniques, such as dovetails and box joints. Every product was designed to be light weight yet strong and durable, portable, functional, and cost-effective.

Rehabilitation woodworks for physical therapy offers a wide variety of therapeutic tools and equipment, which are shown throughout this web site. However, we also understand that all patients are very unique and may require unique therapeutic and tools and medical epuipments to help them achieve their goals.

Therefore, we are proud to offer custom made rehabilitation equipment/tools. If you see thsi knee board is not available in size you want, please place your order and we will custom design knee board for you. Since we take custom designing orders for almost all rehabilitaion tools or therapy equipments.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing these outstanding rehabilitation products and for your dedication and commitment to your client's good health.

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