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At Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Equipment we are dedicated to providing healthcare providers innovative devices and products that offer aid to daily living for those with temporary or permanent disabilities To this end, Rehabilitation WOODWORKS is absolutely committed to building the highest quality rehabilitation tools at the lowest possible price. Every rehabilitation product made at Physical therapy WOODWORKS is handcrafted from solid, hard wood, keeping in mind that user want to develop their under underdeveloped and weak parts.

Rehabilitation WOODWORKS for physical therapy offers a wide variety of therapeutic tools and equipment, which are shown throughout this web site. However, we also understand that all patients are very unique and may require unique therapeutic and tools and medical epuipments to help them achieve their goals.

Improve gross and fine motor coordination, strengthening when using wrist weights, or hemi-neglect deficits. The horizontal aluminum bars are adjustable to six different heights and can be positioned to the left, right, or center of midline. Includes 30 two inch diameter discs and non-slip rubber feet. Made from solid wood. Measures30” long x 5-1/2” wide x 29” high.

Therefore, we are proud to offer custom made rehabilitation equipment/tools for physical therapy. If you find what you need on this web page, great! If you don't see what you need, give me a call and I will build it for you!

My goal is to provide high Quality rehabilitation equipment to facilitate physical therapy for disabled people.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing these outstanding rehabilitation products and for your dedication and commitment to your client's good health.

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