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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Equipment is dedicated to providing healthcare providers with an alternative to the high cost of rehabilitation equipment. To this end, REHABilitation WOODWORKS is absolutely committed to building the highest quality rehabilitation tools at the lowest possible price. Every rehabilitation product made at Physical therapy WOODWORKS is handcrafted from solid, hard wood. Rehabilitation WOODWORKS for physical therapy offers a wide variety of therapeutic tools and equipment, which are shown throughout this web site. However, we also understand that all patients are very unique and may require unique therapeutic and tools and medical epuipments to help them achieve their goals.

We carry a wide collection of rehabilitation equipments and therapeutic tools and medical exercise products for physical therapy of those who have some disabilities or underdeveloped parts. You can find these therapeutic tools throughout our website. Some of our products are listed below with their advantages.

Here is list of products that you will find through out our website. You can also place order for custom designing of any rehabilitaion product by making a call on phone.

Peg Board for for consistent administration of the fine motor screening test
Tic Tac toe to improve fine motor coordination as well as planning, concentration and problem solving skills.
Adjustable activity Board to allows flexibility
Arm Skate for clients with abnormal tone and weakness in the upper extremities
Arm Support for wrist flexion and extension exercises
Bilateral Sander to improve scapular or upper extremity strength or increase normal movement of the upper extremities following a neurological deficit
Block Tower for cognitive retraining or improving planning and fine motor coordination skills
Bolt Board for fine motor skills as well as the cognitive skills required to classify and sort objects
Depth Perception Peg Board to improve depth perception and eye-hand coordination skills
Finger Prehension Tool for fine motor coordination
Finger Extension Board active extension exercises or therapy
Grasp/Prehension Pegs to improve your clients' ability to use the various grasp and prehension skills required to perform every day activities.
Horizontal Ring tree to improve gross and fine motor coordination, strengthening when using wrist weights, or hemi-neglect deficits.
Manipulation board as a functional screening tool as well as therapeutic exercise to increase your clients’ ability to perform day-to-day routines
Push-up Blocks for strengthening the triceps, latissimus dorsi, or general upper body strengthening
PVC Pipe Tree for improving fine motor coordination, planning and problem solving deficits.
Table Top Finger Ladder to Increase strength and shoulder range of motion with this portable version of the wall finger ladder
Triple Shoulder Arch for improving fine and gross motor coordination, shoulder range of motion, strengthening
Velcro Board Provides progressive levels of resistive finger flexion/extension, lateral pinch and forearm supination and pronation exercises
Wall Finger Ladder exercise tool to increase strength and range of motion for the shoulders
Cane and Crutch rack provide the solution to storage limitations and allow easy access to canes and crutches
Convertible Balance Beam to begin balance and coordination skills
Knee Board to use for knee flexion/extension exercises while patient is supine
Multilevel Balance Board improve your clients’ balance problems and strengthen multiple joints
Multilevel Calf Stretch for stretching to the lower extremities
Nested Stools for proper body mechanics and good posture support
Padded Rocker Board increases balance and coordination. Excellent tool for upper extremity weight bearing exercises
Stationary Calf Stretch to stretch the hamstrings, calf and ankle.
Transfer Board to provide stability for a safe transfer
Variable Balance Beam to facilitate balance and coordination in conjunction with turning.
Wobble Beam Increase balance and proprioception skills with these solid wood wobble boards
Platform Glider provides vestibular input as well as facilitating balance and equilibrium reactions.
Scooter Board to develop strength and coordination for both the upper and lower body while propelling from a sitting or prone position
Toddler Chair will encourage normal posture using the chair’s adjustable positioning features

Therefore, we are proud to offer custom made rehabilitation equipment/tools. If you find what you need on this web page, great! If you don't see what you need, give me a call and I will build it for you!

My goal is to provide high Quality rehabilitation equipment to facilitate high Quality care and ultimately to allow our clients to achieve a high Quality of life. This is what I call the triple Q philosophy.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing these outstanding rehabilitation products and viewing our list of rehabilitation products or therapeutic tools.

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